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Volume 2, No. 2

Published September 4, 2020

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Issue description

This issue of JDSR includes a diverse and exciting range of research. Peter Chow-White, Alberto Lusoli, Vu Thuy Anh Phan & Sandy Edward Green explore the social construction of blockchain and Bitcoin in mainstream and specialized media, providing an interesting analysis of a complex and multifaceted debate. Nora Madison and Mathias Klang challenge the criticism that has been leveled against online activism as lazy, offering instead a more nuanced and complete picture of what they see as playing a ‘vital role in the arsenal of the activist’. Combining law and digital methods, Johan Lindholm explores what exactly is and isn’t global about the field of sports law by analyzing conversations about sports law on Twitter. Finally, Mario Khreiche reviews Inhuman Power: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Capitalism, by Nick Dyer-Witheford, Atle Mikkola Kjøsen, and James Steinhoff. We believe these contributions highlight the dynamic character of digital social research and the value of a truly cross-disciplinary journal like JDSR.

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