The Journal of Digital Social Research – JDSR – is an international journal focusing on the relationship between digital technology and society. 

JDSR seeks to publish high-quality original research within all fields of social sciences interacting with digital issues. Social science is defined broadly to include, inter alia, sociology, informatics, pedagogy, education science, gender studies, law, economy, social work and geography. We do welcome submissions from neighbouring research fields if they are relevant to a social science audience.

We particularly encourage cross-disciplinary submissions and submissions focusing on theoretical and methodological issues. Furthermore, as digital issues tend to transcend borders JDSR, has an international viewpoint and prioritizes submissions which are of interest from an international standpoint.

JDSR offers fast, online publication and double-blind peer review. Also, we are nice, friendly people. We do not require you to change your manuscript to suit our style guide at the review stage.

JDSR is published solely online, using a consecutive publication system. This means that articles are published online (in PDF-format) as soon as they have completed the peer review process and been approved for publication, following the process described below. The publication is complete, with proper formatting, page numbers and DOI number. Published articles are consecutively gathered into volumes and issues for ease of identification and referencing. Exceptions to this rule are special issues under a common theme where publication of individual articles are deferred until the whole issue is completed.

JDSR is a full (no bullshit) open access journal (naturally). Articles are published under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence. This means you will retain the right to use your publication as you see fit and upload it wherever you want without permission from us. We do not charge any fees for review or publication – there are no hidden costs so you can worry about quality instead.

JDSR is associated with DIGSUM, the Centre for Digital Social Research at Umeå University, Sweden. DIGSUM gathers researchers from all fields of the social sciences with an interest in how digital technologies transform societies.

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